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Typography design

Taking inspiration from the simplified, geometric forms and angles of Bauhaus typography, and the V&A lino prints of illustrator James Brown, I challenged myself to create an alphabet that relied on a simple formula. One set of shapes first printed, then rotated and printed again to form each character. A rigid, mathematical experiment, but with unpredictable, happy accidents of form and colour.

The intention of this personal project is to manually print the alphabet using traditional means such as screen printing and lino printing, where only one screen/linocut would be required for each letter.

I've called it Spin and it's a work in progress, with different cases, weights and a grunge version in development. It featured in the open call typography competition for 36 Days of Type, and I presented it to the monthly type gathering TypeThursday London. Spin has recently been featured in the annual Fedrigoni 365 calendar, and was included in the global Fight For Kindness exhibition produced by TypeCampus.

Follow its progress on Instagram @dranzetta_design

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