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Huawei AppGallery

Design language & relaunch campaign materials

Huawei's AppGallery is their official app distribution platform, where users can search, download, manage and share mobile apps such as Tik Tok, YouTube, Booking and Rage of Kings. It is part of Huawei's interconnected ecosystem and has over 11,000 top apps, supports 78 languages and counts 390 million global monthly users.


This campaign aims to communicate the intelligence of the system – I designed a fluid identity and design language that reflects the highly bespoke and intuitive nature of the app, which allows users to literally 'Shape My World'. Using the petals of the Huawei logo (based on a lotus flower), the AppGallery logo is determined by users' individual apps, creating a petal 'thumbprint' that is unique to them. This can then be scanned and shared like a QR code. The petals take on a life of their own to create app category symbols, loading animations and act as a canvas for user portraits.

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